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Conveyancing for Lenders

With Conveyancing Marketing Services, you can provide your customers with a fast and efficient conveyancing service – whilst opening up a valuable new revenue stream.

The key to our service is a user-friendly website. This can be accessed from your branch or call centre via a secure Intranet.

Simple but comprehensive quotations can be printed out during the mortgage interview, giving your customer an all-inclusive price for their conveyancing. We will also send you regular, tailored information so you can monitor progress every month.

Offer your clients a clear and competitive on-the-spot quote during the mortgage interview.  Receive tailored management information each month, giving an in depth analysis of business generated and operational standards achieved.

Benefits to Lenders

Draw on our expertise to create your own law firm ‘panel’ by selecting from our extensive national network of law firms, all working to agreed service standards at prices that reflect their local markets.  Offer your clients a ‘no move, no legal fee’ guarantee, so if there’s no exchange they won’t be out of pocket for anything other than third-party expenses.

Track cases online via – our IQS Case Tracker and Reporting System.  Call us direct with any queries and get practical help from our dedicated Customer Services Team.

Benefits to your Clients

The means to select a law firm based on cost or location according to their priorities.  Complete price transparency with up-front information on all costs and charges,including third party charges such as stamp duty.  The means to track their case online.  A dedicated Customer Services Team on hand to answer any questions by telephone.  Frequent updates on the progress of their case direct from the appointed law firm.

Managing caseload

A common cause of dissatisfaction in general is the inability of conveyancers to cope with irregular demand. This is not an issue for CMS clients. Our ability to manage large swings in case volume sets us apart from the competition – and is regarded as a key strength by many of our clients.   Capacity management   When putting together a panel of law firms, we scope expected business volumes with the aim of preventing any service disruption.   Our clients provide forward projections of likely case volumes. We then agree a case plan with each panel, including the number of expected cases to be processed. We go on to monitor performance against agreed service standards and to review case allocation against the case plan.

This combination of forward planning and ongoing monitoring ensures that capacity is always available, providing for uninterrupted case processing – even in the most volatile of markets.


For further information contact Sharon Buthlay (CMS director) – sharon@cms-uk.co.uk