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The conveyencing process explained

In this modern age it is quite easy to search the web and obtain conveyencing quotes from both solicitors and licensed conveyancers at the click of a mouse.  There are many comparison sites available and this can be confusing for some.

CMS was established in 1995 and as such is one of the most trusted conveyancing compare sites on the internet having many thousands of satisfied customers who have either purchased sold or remortgaged using our. All quotes are provided with no hidden extras and our staff are legally qualified to answer any legal / technical queries you may have. Should you decide to proceed, you will be given the name of your chosen conveyancer / solicitor firm immediately so that you may tell your estate agent, mortgage lender and any other relevant parties.

Conveyencing in England & Wales is carried out either by solicitors who are governed by the Law Society or licensed conveyancers who are governed by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Both of these organisations are there to protect the public and all CMS solicitors and property lawyers must have in place indemnity insurance (usually £2,000,000) in order to protect their clients. All of the lawyers on the CMS panel have been chosen by us because they are either Law Society or CLC registered and are on the panels of all major mortgage lenders and every CMS approved law firm must have at least two partners.


The conveyencing procedure

The first thing you must do is to instruct your solicitor to begin work, you should do this as soon as possible in order to avoid delays later on. CMS makes this easy for you, simply obtain your choice of quotes from the CMS web site and choose which one works best for you then simply click to instruct. Alternatively, telephone our customer services department on 0845 060 33 55 and they will do everything for you.

As soon as you accept the lowest online CMS quote you will be given your the contact details for your lawyer including name, address, telephone, fax and e mail. This information is also sent to you in a confirmatory e mail. You need to give this information to your mortgage lender.

The appointed solicitor will telephone you and will send you a client care letter and confirmatory estimate. Some property lawyers send the initial letter by e mail so make sure you check your e mail account. You may be asked to sign and return one copy of the client care letter to confirm that you want to go ahead with the transaction.


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