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Conveyancing Quotes

Conveyancing Quotes from CMS

By visiting the CMS website, online conveyancing quotes can be obtained from a number of panel conveyancing solicitors firms.  These quotes will be all inclusive and show a complete breakdown of all relevant disbursements to the property transaction in question.  Whether it be for a residential purchase, sale, remortgage or transfer of equity the quotations will be genuine, transparent and there will not be any hidden extra costs added on at the end. The automated quotes system is designed for residential / house conveyancing although CMS does deal with commercial conveyancing also.  In this case full details of the commercial transaction would be required in order to obtain a quote on an individual basis.

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Residential Conveyancing


Licensed conveyancing in England & Wales is carried out by solicitors who are governed by the Law Society and licensed conveyancers by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers. These organisations are there to protect the public and all property  solicitors and licensed conveyancers must have in place indemnity insurance to protect their clients. The process can be complex and stressful and it makes sense to use a qualified property lawyer to take care of your transaction.

If you have a mortgage on the property all mortgage lenders will insist that you use a qualified lawyer who is on their approved panel.  CMS have been providing conveyancing fees and quotes since 1995. Our Directors have between them almost 60 years of experience of working in the legal and property law industry and know what to look for in a good law firm. We insist that our solicitors are registered with the Law Society or the CLC.

Every CMS lawyer firm must have at least two partners and be on the panel of all major mortgage lenders. We insist that a dedicated and named solicitor is appointed to take care of CMS clients and every lawyer must be qualified to carry out conveyancing quotes.  All of our lawyer firms sign a legal agreement to abide by the quote we provide, not to charge “hidden extras” and also to provide the level of service published in our Service Charter. Therefore, a good conveyancer will be qualified, experienced, pro-active, IT literate, able to communicate effectively. Our Quotes apply to England & Wales only and your conveyancing quote will be provided by a qualified solicitor firm that specialises in property.  With our solicitors being on the approved list of most lenders, this actually saves you money as you do not need a separate lawyer to act for your lender.

The definition of a disbursement is a payment that has to be made to a third party such as The Land Registry and makes up the total value of the conveyancing solicitors fees. When you see the word disbursement on an estimate or quotation you would assume therefore that the items listed under the disbursements section would be payments that the solicitor will be making on your behalf to third parties. This is not always the case and items are often wrongly listed in the disbursements section.

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