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Conveyancing Halifax

Conveyancing Solicitors in Halifax

Halifax is a minster town, within the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale in West Yorkshire, England. It has an urban area population of 82,056 in the 2001 Census. It is well known as a centre of England’s woollen manufacture from the 15th century onward, originally dealing through the Halifax Piece Hall. Halifax is internationally famous for its Mackintosh chocolate and toffee (now owned by Nestlé), the Halifax Bank (formerly Halifax Building Society), and the nearby Shibden Hall.

How do you find a good Halifax Conveyancing Solicitor?

  • Recommendation

Certainly if you know someone you can trust such as a friend or family member who has used a good conveyancing Halifax solicitor in the past, this can be a good place to start.  However, you need to make sure that the solicitor was used for conveyancing and not in some other area of the law.

Halifax estate agents are often happy to recommend a local firm but usually because they will receive a referral fee or some other benefit for passing clients in that direction.  Very often this solicitor will also charge much higher fees than you need to pay.

  • Good old fashioned research  

You could either walk the high street (or maybe telephoning would be quicker) and ask for quotes from a number of local Halifax conveyancing firms.  However, you will probably find that most local solicitor firms will charge similar fees.  They are not allowed to “fix fees” the same as each other as this would be known as a “cartel” which is illegal, but fees can be very similar indeed. It is a fact that across the country there are much cheaper solitors in various areas which will do exactly the same job for far less money – but how are you to find them?

  • Use a trusted company such as Conveyancing Marketing Services 

Since in 1995 CMS has been running a panel of selected solicitor firms including ones in Halifax who offer excellent service and also charge reasonable fees.  Furthermore, due to the volume of clients we refer to them, we have negotiated special discounts for our clients.  One of the directors is also a Property Lawyer and can advise and answer many legal questions in a language you will easily understand (not legal jargon).

All solicitor firm on the CMS panel are full members of the Law Society so you are always dealing with professionals.

Communication has traditionally been a problem between lawyers and clients but this has been vastly improved with our case tracking system which keeps you informed every step of the way.

All Conveyancing Halifax quotes are on a “No Move No Fee” basis and there are no hidden extras guaranteed

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