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Conveyance Fees and Conveyancing

Conveyance relates to the documentation of the transfer of ownership of land from one party to another and Conveyance Fees relate to the solicitor’s charges for undertaking this work. In law the term conveyancing relates the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another.

Her Majesty’s Greffier is the registrar of property transactions, including all types of conveyance and some leases.  He assesses the Document Duty payable on these (and other) transactions and acts as agent for the States of Guernsey for the payment and collection of this Duty.

The Registry team at the Greffe undertake a variety of duties in this area, including: registering a title, charges on realty and wills of realty collecting the duty and Court fees that may be payable on documents that are registered.

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In the technological world we are living in today, almost anything can be done online, and conveyancing is no exception.   Conveyancing is the legal term for the process of transferring ownership of a property between two parties.

Conveyance Fees Definition

A conveyance is legal document known as a deed that transfers a property from the seller (or vendor) to the buyer.   Property transactions are usually carried out by a solicitor, a licensed conveyancer, or, in Scotland, a solicitor’s agent. It is possible to carry out your own legal work, but for most people this is not advised. Some estate agents offer in-house legal services, although it is usually wiser to engage an independent solicitor in order to avoid any conflict of interest.   Finding the right conveyancer can be laborious and time consuming and therefore online can be a quicker, easier and often cheaper option. There are many benefits to using an online conveyance service.

Geographical location of the conveyancer is irrelevant as everything is done online eliminating the need to meet at the solicitor’s office and saving you time.   Many online conveyancers operate a “No move, No fee” policy, ensuring that the user is not liable for any cost other than those occurred on your behalf.

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