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About Us

If you have reached our website then you have probably been shopping around looking for a really good solicitor, one that you can put your trust in to do a good job and charge you a fair price

They’re not easy to find, are they? CMS was born out of the joint desire of David Buthlay and Sharon Buthlay to provide a conveyancing service that is trustworthy. It’s an old fashioned word but when you are talking about hundreds of thousands of pounds it becomes extremely important.

Do you know what we really, really hate – broken promises. You get a quote, even in writing, but when you come to pay the bill there are extras to pay – even when you’ve been told ‘no hidden extras’ suddenly there are extras on your bill. You query it – ‘ah but’ – you are told – ‘check the small print on page 109 of our T&C which you will find on a tiny link at the bottom of our web page’ – It’s deceitful and dishonest and sadly it happens too often.

So in 1995 David left his career in estate agency and began to build his dream, on an old Amstrad computer in the loft of our cottage, a national conveyancing organisation that would provide superb service at a very competitive price, with no hidden extras and a ‘no completion, no fee’ promise.

As the business succeeded and grew Sharon left her 25-year career as a Property Lawyer and joined David in his mission. As the loft wasn’t big enough for both of us we moved the business into our offices in St. Andrews Castle, Bury St. Edmunds. Sharon has an additional mission of her own – Customer Service – it’s her holy grail.

We often say that managing a panel of solicitors based across England & Wales is a bit like knitting fog. If you don’t keep a very close eye on things they can unravel. So we keep a very close eye on things – this is how we do it:

A legally binding contract

Solicitors recognise the power of a contract – ours includes our Service Charter, ‘No Hidden Extras’ promise and our ‘No Completion, No Fee promise’. Every solicitor on our panel signs this contract.

Qualifications checked

Solicitor qualifications are checked, practising certificates obtained, legal indemnity insurance obtained and all checked back with the Law Society – now the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority. We also now carry out a search called Lawyer Checker to ensure the solicitor practise is not bogus – this has been a problem over the past few years as bogus practises have set up to dupe unsuspecting clients.

Efficiency checked

Aha, that’s all well and good but paper qualifications don’t mean good service we thought. So each solicitor is monitored throughout each and every transaction – anyone not up to the mark is removed from the panel – it’s as simple as that. We have software that helps us do this and we listen to our clients and act on their feedback. Because Sharon has worked as a Property Lawyer for 25 years and has heard every excuse in the book she is completely bull manure proof!

Final bill checked

If you ask us we will check your final bill against our initial quote to ensure that it matches. If it doesn’t we’ll sort it out.

Help along the way

Conveyancing is difficult, it’s the same procedure – contracts, searches, pre contract enquiries, mortgage, exchange, more searches, completion, but every single transaction is completely different because real life people are involved.

If you need us – we are there – it’s as simple as that, a quick email or call and we’ll respond quickly.


Sharon is an email demon. Sending and receiving hundreds of emails a week. Email Sharon and you will get a reply – sometimes in minutes, but always the same day. It’s the same with phone calls, we recognise that communication is absolutely key and is the biggest problem that conveyancing clients report. Again our bespoke software helps, we communicate with you via email as key stages are reached and it pro-actively prods the solicitor (and sometimes the client) into action.

Who’s working for me?

Gosh, another pet hate – we’re finding a few of these as we write this. When you are buying or selling or re-mortgaging or transferring deeds you want to know who your solicitor is. It’s horrible having to speak to someone different every time you call up and have to explain the same thing time after time. That’s why we insist that a nominated solicitor acts for you – no teams, no call centres – a real person with whom you can have a one to one conversation when you need to.

The Services We Offer

Conveyancing: Selling, buying, re-mortgaging, transfer of deeds
Lease Extensions
Lease Enfranchisement (Buying out the freehold of your leasehold property)
Auction reports
Commercial Conveyancing
Probate conveyancing
Divorce conveyancing


All testimonials are from genuine clients that have used our services and you can read them here

50% of our clients are repeat clients or are referred by existing clients.